CES 2020 – Yes Please

What’s the big deal?

If you’re not keeping up on CES 2020, you’re missing out on a whole lot of cool stuff. LG is rolling out TVs from the ceiling, Samsung is using microLEDs and AI to create mind blowing picture and massive 292 inch TVs. Every year this is the most exciting time for a tech enthusiast. Here’s some of the things I’m most excited about. I will add more as the week goes on.

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)

AMD has been disrupting the processor market over the last couple years, with increasingly more impressive hardware seeming to release constantly. They dropped a bomb with the 7nm process, then later brought the 3950x to the table – a 16 core monster. That’s not even getting into high end desktop yet for AMD!

AMD redefined high end desktop today, with a 64 core 128 thread monster of a Threadripper CPU. The 3990x has been rumored to be coming ever since the 2990wx came out. I personally am rocking a 2990wx, but I’m not sure I can fork over the $3,990 for this thing. I’m not sure I can put all that power to use as much as I’d need to make it worth it either. That’s one ass kicking machine though! I max out my 32 cores quite often, I wonder what the same tasks would be like on the 3990x. Wow!

I have high hopes for AMD in the future, hopefully Windows can keep up with the monsters that AMD keeps throwing at them.

Smart Home Stuff – Let’s Dive in

You’ve heard of smart home, right? I mean, it’s 2019. It’s time to do it. I’m all in, and I hope you are too, because it’s about frickin time. I have a few ideas that I want to bring to life, and maybe you have some to share too. Let me know in the comments!

Smart Light Switch

Yeah I get it, they make these. I want to make one that is:

  • WiFi or RF Serial with network connected main hub
  • Touch screen or capacitive button with touch dimmer and LCD displaying dim percent
  • 3D printed box to hold the components
  • Designed for regular rectangular opening face plate to cover

The idea is that I’m sick of running around turning off lights, I want to say I’m leaving or it’s bed time – and shut the house off. I don’t want plain looking switches like those that exist though, it’s 2019 so let’s act like it is.

What parts do we need to cram in there?

I’ll keep adding to this as I make progress as well, let me know if you have any ideas or creations of your own!

Technology in Construction

While construction companies seem to be among the least willing to adopt newer technologies, there’s definitely increasing interest being shown. From KPMG’s 2017 Global Construction Survey, to their 2018 survey, there’s been some pretty decent progress shown in technology investment.
The technology is definitely out there. If you haven’t seen it, go check it out. From AR/VR, to drones, or machine learning, right now is the time to dive in to more productive business processes involving technology.

Questionable reality

There’s nothing questionable about it really, otherwise I than questioning if what you’re seeing is real. AR/VR/MR is one of the most exciting things coming to the construction industry. One of the things I’m most excited about is the upcoming nreal light glasses. They are mixed reality glasses that are comparable to Microsoft’s Hololens. I’ve always been one to stay away from mainstream technologies though, I like smaller upcoming things like nreal. There are many uses for XR technologies like training, simulations, project planning, safety audits, and quality control checks. Do you have any other ideas for this kind of technology in construction? Comment below!

Automated and remotely controlled equipment

No way, seriously? Can you imagine an excavator swinging around without an operator in it? How about a bulldozer cruising down a right of way without someone in it? It’s getting real crazy real fast, and I’m pumped. What is next, how about welding, sand blasting and painting, or even simply daily reporting? There’s companies doing all of those things without humans controlling the machines, Mortenson Construction for example. My mind is blown, it’s quite a time to be alive. I can’t wait to see what comes next. Have you guys seen anything I should see? Share it with me!