Creating apps is easy

Unity – Simplified Application Development

How can you make application development more simple?

This is not a game. Have you considered finding a more simple approach to developing your apps and programs? Unity 3d(Free for Personal) compiles applications for a very wide variety of platforms including Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, and the web. As a primarily Java programmer, with a PHP backend, I’ve done a lot of other projects with other languages.

Let’s simplify the logic.

My favorite so far has been visual scripting with PlayMaker for Unity. Visual scripting is something that I used to think wasn’t anything special. Why? Well it’s not actually “scripting”, right?

Scripting simplified with PlayMaker

Wrong. Visual scripting contains all of the same logic that a normal programming/scripting language contains. You need to set your variables, interact with objects, set hooks and interrupts to trigger actions, etc. Everything is the same, but it’s more readable, and easier on the eyes. You can visually understand how the code is flowing, without having to read through all the code. Look at the above picture, how much code would this take? It’s a simple script that fades the camera in, waits, then fades it out. Well, you’d have to write a function that fades the camera, with some arguments that handle the fade in/fade out and sets a variable for original position right? 30 lines of code? 50? How about 3 code blocks instead? Debug that if something’s not working right, 2 clicks, not 2 hours of sifting through your code. AMAZING what PlayMaker can do to speed up coding, and simplify troubleshooting.


Let’s simplify the design

Obviously, as a 3d development application, Unity does 3d well. What about 2d? Just a regular app, not a game? Right now I use a deadly combination of WordPress for Unity and Next-Gen UI to make the best looking applications out there. These two plugins provide a seamless, and simple, approach to designing interfaces for applications. It’s a drag and drop, zero code, approach to your users’ interactions. I use these two along side PlayMaker to develop some of the most complicated applications I’ve worked on. I consider myself lucky to be alive, in a time where we have so many tools like this coming out to simplify our every day work. You need to understand, these tools are not just creating user interfaces and simplifying them, they’re giving you a simple way to animate them, put them to action, compile them for multiple platforms, and monetize them.

WordPress for Unity
NGUI: Next-Gen UI

Endless opportunities

The Unity Asset Store has endless amounts of free, or paid, assets for your projects that make it a whole lot easier to make money! No matter who you are, you can develop something extraordinary, with zero knowledge up front. The design/development of applications is coming together, and becoming easier, making it one simple platform – no longer two separate skill sets. One single person can now develop and design an amazing creation without having to do a whole lot of learning. It’s time for you to dive in.