Cell phone signal boosters are not an uncommon accessory for personal or business use. I have one in my car, and it’s an amazing difference driving around with a device that gives you better service everywhere you go. The setup for these is simple, and they just work!

What does single and multi carrier mean?

Multi Carrier
Multi carrier signal boosters are the most common type. You plug them in and they boost the signal for (almost) any carrier. In the United States, I haven’t heard of a carrier that doesn’t get boosted by them – maybe very small carriers. The only issue with these is that there’s a FCC regulation limiting the strength of a multi carrier cellular signal booster.

A good example(and the one I use) of a multi carrier booster is the WeBoost Drive 4G-X.

I’ve been blown away by the functionality of this, and it’s pretty awesome having it right in my car. There are also home solutions like the WeBoost Connect.

Single Carrier
Single carrier signal boosters are the ultimate if you’re in an area where there is no way you’re getting any service at all. We recently deployed a single carrier cell signal booster to a job site and it worked wonders! They are using a CradlePoint IBR900for internet, and it’s an amazing product that provides a high quality cellular internet connection. Until recently, we haven’t found a place that these don’t work. There’s a completely dead spot for miles in Wisconsin where our job site is. So we installed a single carrier signal booster called the Cel-Fi Go X.

The results are pretty amazing, we went from zero connection to a 15Mbps connection with zero help on my end. I just shipped it out and they installed it, and they are not techy people. So if they can do it, you can too. The obvious drawback of a single carrier cell signal booster is the price. This is a case where you do get what you pay for though, at more than twice the price, we got a product that actually worked for our scenario and we were blown away by the results.

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What are your use cases?

Whether you’re at home using a hotspot for your computer, or using your cell phone, I think signal boosters are a huge win that do not disappoint.

Leave a comment, and let me know what you are using signal boosters for. There are many use cases like mobility in vehicles, internet of things, mobile offices, and home use. Any ideas?

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