With the RTX line of graphics cards coming soon, everybody is flipping out. Can you really afford a brand new graphics card? I can’t! So WTF am I posting for? I’m posting to see who else is hoping the RTX line will drop prices of last line graphics cards. I see the 10 series being relevant for quite a while longer, I’m going to be keeping an eye on Amazon 1080 prices for price drops. After all, the 1080 is still going to dominate the market for a long time.

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Are you patient enough to wait for prices to drop?

As a gamer, and most likely a millennial, we all want the shiniest and newest GPU. Most of us can’t afford it, though! Most of us don’t have patience either! What are we to do? I, for one, do have the patience. I’m going to wait for price drops, watching every place I can to hopefully get a new one. I’m not looking for used, because – mining. There’s too many used GPUs out there that have been beat up for months, then resold. You’ll not be happy if you get a new-used GPU, and it craps out on you in 3 weeks.

What can you do to satisfy the urge?

I just got a new SSD to satisfy my urge. A couple hundo got me the Samsung 970 Pro 512 GB, and it did not disappoint. What if you want to bring the price down, while you wait? How about Intel Optane? Heard of it? You can boost your existing hard drive’s performance with wicked caching voodoo magic, and Intel Optane Memory. I haven’t tried Optane Memory yet, personally, but it’s been in my cart about a hundred times now.

Upgrade SSD Drive

Are your pockets overflowing with cash, and you’re buying the new GPU?

Can I get an application for wherever you work? Just kidding, but seriously. What are your plans with the new GPU? Are you going to be number one on a benchmark site, do some CAD/3D modeling, or just poop on everybody in Roblox? I’m excited for the new cards to drop, and I can’t wait to hear about everybody’s experience with them!

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