How long have you been creating images for the web? Have been creating images for quite a while now. I didn’t realize until recently, when I looked at the statistics driven by the images that I have created, I wasn’t creating effective images. Why not? These images that I was creating weren’t tailored for my audience, they were created for me. Images that I have created for myself aren’t going to attract anybody else’s attention. I’m not trying to attract myself to my own site, I am already on my website everyday.

perfect image


There was a study recently that showed that the color Orange grab users attention better than any other color. This make sense, fire trucks are Orange and they are pretty hard to miss. Think of other Orange objects around you that are placed there to grab your attention, they are everywhere. Orange is a great color for background, or for a bold heading. This should be the color used to direct the reader towards the most important part of your image.

What other colors are very important to include? Blue and green are two very important colors when trying to attract the attention of men. Its color is make men feel at home, like this place was made for them.

What about women?   Pink is probably the best color for women because it is the most feminine color. Purple is also an amazing color for women, Because purple is the color of royalty, And every woman wants to be a princess.

Keep in mind when you are creating your image, how important it is to identify the audience that you are targeting. If you are targeting everybody, then really you are targeting nobody. Another rule to all of these things that I’m telling you today, is please don’t over do it. If you use a ridiculous amount of Orange in an Image, you will probably scaring people away. These colors are used to attract the attention of people, and generally you’re trying to attract them to a specific part of your image. Don’t create an image that attracts negative attention.


The fonts that you use are a very important part of your image. I admit, I have only began to touch the Surface of what fonts can do for me. I have recently come to realize how much my fonts can affect what I’m trying to get across to the reader.

Don’t get me wrong though, fonts can also be overdone in a terrible way. There are some very cool looking fonts out there , but that doesn’t mean that they’re always right for the job. Humans are becoming more and more quick when deciding whether or not they like something. If they can’t read your text in less that about half of the second, they are not going to pay any attention to your image at all.

Your main heading should be bold and easy to read. It should also be short and sweet. This makes it very easy for people to comprehend, if they have to read it more than once, they will probably give up. That is another thing About millennials, if they feel that there is a chance that they will fail at something, like reading your text, they will give up immediately. I am a millennial, and I am living proof of this. If your text is terrible, I’m not going to read it, there’s plenty of other things on the internet.

Artistic text can add a good touch to your image, but again do not over do it. You can use artistic text as a subheading or a short description, very short. You do not want your readers to be straining their eyes trying to read this.

Background images

Please think about your topic before choosing a background. Where a picture is worth a 1000 words, a bad picture is worth a 1000 grammatical errors in between each of those words. If you place an image in the background that isn’t related to something that the reader is looking for, they probably won’t be looking at your picture. Dark pictures have the same effect on people’s view of your picture, dark images are an immediate turn-off for most people.

A moderately bright picture, with perfectly offset text/container will grab a user’s attention, and direct them exactly where you want them to go. Your image is the headline for whatever it is that you’re attracting attention to.


Remember your image is never perfect. I spent quite a while trying to come up with the perfect image to represent a post, that is actually about the perfect image. Don’t get carried away with spending amazing amounts of time to make the perfect image, because you’re only going to realize more flaws in your image as the time goes by.

Your turn!

What do you think? Anything I missed? How are you going to use this info on your own images?

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