Welcome to my multi-part passive income ideas post. Here you’ll find some ideas for income that powers it’s self, mostly over time. If you combine multiple passive income opportunities, they can equal out to be quite profitable!

So the focus is not to get one super awesome passive income source, but to stack up many small passive income sources, and slowly build them all up.

What is passive income?

Passive income is income that generates it’s self, most of the time. This is not get rich quick, or easy fast money, this is passive income. Passive income is income that is created by you, by things you create, things that people either buy in to or visit and generate revenue from links/ads. These ideas are all very simple, and can be started/maintainted by spending an hour or two a day working on them. Very very simple.

Earn Money While You Sleep

Affiliate Marketing

More info here!

Affiliate marketing is a great place to start, here are a few of the affiliate programs that I participate in:

Making money from these programs is very simple. You choose what affiliate programs you would like to participate in, and distribute links however you’d like to, within their guidelines of course. It’s very popular to use them within your blog, email marketing, social media, or just word of mouth!


More info here!

I haven’t dug as deep as I’d like to in this, but I got started with Stash Invest. They have a super simple app, and you can invest as low as $5. Stash Invest will even give you a free $5 to start with, if you sign up using this link!

Another one that I recently started digging in to, is Bitcoin. The company I chose was BitBond. They made it very easy to invest in Bitcoin, and I can’t wait to watch my money grow! Check out BitBond today. Bitcoin is booming, and you don’t want to miss your chance.


Advertising is a great opportunity to make some money. This doesn’t require you to have a website. There are creative advertising opportunities, such as carvertise. Carvertise allows you to take contracts advertising with your vehicle. They do body wraps on the vehicle, they’ll pay for installation and removal. I haven’t tried it yet, because my vehicle doesn’t have the factory paint job. I will try it with my next vehicle, though!


Do what I’m doing right now! It’s simple to blog, anybody can do it. If you can write a sentence, you can write a post. It can be done any time that you have a minute to spare, I’m sitting in the waiting room at the dentist right now, seriously!

The main methods for making money blogging are any of the methods mentioned here! Direct some traffic at your blog, and eventually you’ll be swimming in the dough.

VIPFunnelCloud can get you rolling. They provide excellent service for blogs with your very own personal domain name. A domain name is the start of your brand, and you want to establish that first. Sign up with VIPFunnelCloud or Hosting24 to get started with this. I’ve worked with both of these companies to get you the best deals, on the best service. They are crazy good companies.

Surveys/Shopping Online

I’m sure you’ve heard it a hundred times, surveys! Yay! You’ve probably never done it, though. You can actually make some decent cash doing it though. Why not, you’re just laying in bed on Facebook anyways. Why not make a couple bucks? SwagBucks is one of the leading sources of this, extremely simple, extra income! If you’re sitting there bored on the bus or waiting in line somewhere, do some simple stuff that will earn you bucks! SwagBucks also earns you cash while you’re doing your normal, every day activities online. All you have to do is download SwagBucks with this link to get started.


Have you ever heard of YouTube? I doubt you haven’t, unless you live under a rock, a really really big rock. You can make money from posting youtube videos. The average youtube video is only 1 minute long. Being a millennial, I can say that it’s accurate to say that we will not watch a video longer than 1 minute if it’s for entertainment online, normally anyways.

You can post up 1 minute videos pretty quickly, and monetize those videos with adsense. The more views you get, the more money you make!

Write a Book or an eBook

This is one on my bucket list. I’ll be writing a book in the next year or two, I promise. You don’t need much time to write, seriously. If you get random ideas throughout the day, put them in OneNote with Office365. OneNote is amazing, and I use it every single day to organize things for my blog, things for my life, things for work, etc. I’m researching publishers lately, I don’t have any recommendations, but I’ll update this when I find one that I think I should recommend.

Create and Sell Stock Photos

There are many stock photo websites out there, some free, some paid. You can put up free stock photos to get your name out there, and paid ones to make money. It’s a good idea to have a healthy mixture of both free and paid, it keeps the traffic moving.

Create an Online Course

Websites like Pluralsight and uDemy provide amazing support for people trying to create online courses. They provide trained professionals to guide you through the creation process, and simplify every step of the way. I’ve always watched videos on Pluralsight, and I’m excited to become a course creator with them!

Create an App, or Many

Mobile apps are growing extremely rapid. Companies like Appsmoment make it very easy to create cross platform apps without knowing how to code. This is another one I’ll be jumping on soon. There’s so much potential with apps, you can monetize from ads, in app purchases, and affiliate links. I signed up for Appsmoment literally today, and I plan on having an app released soon. You can create one in as little as 10 minutes, that’s crazy cool.

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